Carla has done an exceptional job of breaking down the alchemy of outstanding performance. She’s distilled very deep research in the science of top performance into questions and exercises intrinsically designed to accelerate – focus on a few, top priorities, mapping out strategic approach and identifying concrete next steps. After the THAXA session, I had a much better ability to step back and understand the big picture, as well as being more effective in each day.

Stephanie Saad Cuthbertson
Senior Director

Amid the frenetic energy inherent to any growing start-up, my session with THAXA helped me step back, free up some RAM, and see my goals in a broader context. After a couple hours of structured discussion, I felt like we had organized all the stuff in my brain, giving me space to think more creatively. Carla runs a truly efficient process; she managed to turn a morning session into a focused vision that continues to guide my business and personal goals. My ROI from our session was incredible.

Brandon Weber
Founder, CEO
Hightower Inc.

The THAXA session energized me to go after what’s next in my career with confidence. I finished my session with a powerful framework that reflects my values with which I can assess opportunities.

Ashley Martin
Senior Manager, Digital

Carla has a remarkable ability to blend a warm, collaborative style with cutting-edge performance science research and exceptional organization. I started my THAXA session with passion, commitment, and a big idea; I finished with tightly focused priorities that have guided my actions each day since. Those four hours catalyzed more progress in a week than in six months prior, and the momentum continues. From the perspective of someone who works every day to help individuals shape their own behavior in order to reach their goals, Carla’s approach is truly impressive and powerful.

Andrew Fleming, PhD
Clinical Psychologist
The Seattle Clinic